FEBRUARY BOOK OF THE MONTH: Strange Loops by Liz Harmer

For February, we’re excited to be reading Strange Loops by Liz Harmer, a propulsive novel about the power and paradoxes of desire from the acclaimed author of The Amateurs.

As small children, Francine and her twin Philip shared a seemingly unbreakable bond—but in adolescence the connection frayed, and in adulthood the siblings are locked in a repeating loop of complex, destructive emotions. As storm clouds of resentment and mutual betrayal gather ominously, threatening to upend both siblings’ lives and damage their families, Francine unexpectedly finds herself in a situation that mirrors an earlier transgression. And the one person who suspects is the last person she trusts—her disapproving twin.

“A slender, wildly compelling novel that asks infinite questions—a dizzying, kaleidoscopic foray into the desires and fears that make us so imperfectly  human. I was compelled from beginning to end—this is a novel that sinks into your very bones.” —Amanda Leduc, author of The Centaur’s Wife