MARCH BOOK OF THE MONTH: Aquariums by J.D. Kurtness


This month, we’re reading Aquariums by J. D. Kurtness, winner of Indigenous Voices Award for French Prose in 2018 for Of Vengeance. Check out an exclusive video made for us by the author:

Aquariums is a luminous, touching and comforting book, written with great clarity. In other words, a healing read. It can be read in a single sitting, and picked up again when one’s soul needs soothing.” –Solaris

Aquariums is an intimate yet wide-sweeping story of a marine biologist working to save ocean ecosystems from climate change. Also: talking sharks.

Émeraude, a young marine biologist, works to preserve aquatic ecosystems by recreating them for zoos. When her work earns her a spot aboard a research vessel with an extended mission in the Arctic, it is the inescapable draw of the ocean that will save her when the world she leaves behind is irrevocably changed. Stories of Émeraude’s ancestors — a young sailor abandoned at birth, a conjuror who mixes potions for her neighbours, a violent young man who hides in the woods to escape an even more violent war — weave their way through her intimate reflections on a modest life, unknowingly shaped by those who came before.