JANUARY BOOK OF THE MONTH: People Change by Vivek Shraya

We’re excited to be featuring People Change by local author and store favourite VIVEK SHRAYA as our January Book of the Month!

Vivek Shraya knows this to be true: people change. We change names, titles, labels. We outgrow relationships, we abandon dreams for new ones, we start fresh. We seize control of our stories. In fact, nobody knows this better than Vivek, who’s made a career of embracing many roles: artist, performer, musician, writer, model, teacher.

In People Change, she reflects on the origins of this impulse, tracing it to childhood influences from Hinduism to Madonna. What emerges is a meditation on change itself: why we fear it, why we’re drawn to it, what motivates us to change, and what traps us in place.

Each purchase includes a ticket to Penguin Random House’s virtual Indie Event with Vivek Shraya on Monday, January 24th.